WORKSHOP: The creation of a Dream Catcher

Nicoletta Veronesi - -

 WORKSHOP: 3 hours to create your Dream Catcher

I'm a visual artist, my art ranges from painting to sculpture, to video, fotography, design...

In this workshop I will teach you how to make your "Dream Catcher". We will use color, metallic wires, tree branches, beads, coloured papers, feathers, fabrics and everything that will work out. The result will be a "dream-catcher" full of joy and color.
We will work in my studio, facing the garden and in the silence of a milanese courtyard.

You will find in my studio all the materials needed to create your "Dream-catcher." With the technique of weaving and assembling different materials, each person will create his/her own Dream Catcher. Maximum 6 people at the time. Nicoletta will follow the creation of the dream catcher one by one, encouraging each participant to explore different techniques and materials.
The DREAM CATCHER can have the traditional circular shape, the shape of a bird, of a large leaf, can be two-dimensional but also three-dimensional, all with total freedom but with the artist's supervision. If the participant wishes to create a large work he can book for a second session.
This workshop is from age 8 to 99

Comments of my pupils

"I really enjoyed the making of my Dream Catcher: Nicoletta is an inspiring artist. The material she offers to assemble the Dream Catcher is top quality and original. I would like to repeat this experience!"( Fiona)

"We had a wonderful afternoon. We worked in our own way in a flow on our dreamcatcher and were stimulated by the personal suggestions from Nicoletta. It was a great activity to do as a family and we bring home a unique, handmade souvenir." (James)

"Nicoletta’s workshop was a beautiful experience, almost meditative in the weaving and creating of my dream catcher. The view was breathtaking and Nicoletta is an inspiring artist, teacher and woman. I loved it!" (Mariella)

 What some kids said when they entered the workshop:


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